Davit Bahadir is the maternal great-grandfather of Effie Calligaris and Zoe Albright as well as the maternal grandfather of Meredith Hummel.

Davit Bahadir

Biographical Information

Real Name:
Davit Bahadir
Unnamed Father
Five Unnamed Brothers
Hominska Bahadir (wife)
Anahid, Carine (daughters)
Unnamed Daughter
Unnamed Son
Meredith Hummel (granddaughter)
Lydia Hatoyama (great-granddaughter)
Effie Calligaris (great-great granddaughter)
Hominska Calligaris (great-great granddaughter)

History Edit

In October of 1940, Davit and Hominska plan to flee from Greece when they became aware of the Nazis and Fascist Italians plan to invade Allied Greece.