Finn Richards is the love interest and fellow high school student of Effie Calligaris. He lives with his uncles-both scientists and is an only child.

Finn Richards

Biographical Information

Real Name:
Finnigan Magnus Lowell Spencer Richards
Current Alias:
Finn Richards
Chelsea Richards (mother, deceased)
Christopher Richards (father)
Clara Richards (stepmother)
Carrie Richards (paternal half-sister)
Keith Fitzpatrick (maternal grandfather)
Carolyn Fitzpatrick (maternal grandmother)
Bobby Fitzpatrick (maternal uncle)
Bonnie, Loretta (maternal aunts)
Jade, Maci, Tyla (maternal cousins)
Frederick Richards (paternal uncle)
Randolph Richards (paternal uncle)
Emma, Aubrey, Morty, Matthew (paternal cousins)
Caroline Richards (paternal aunt by marriage, deceased)
Mrs. Richards (paternal aunt by marriage)


Public Identity
Marital Status:
High School Student, Adventurer


180 lbs


Genius Human
Place of Birth:
Berkeley, California
First Appearance:
Sweet & Vicious Vol 1 #1 (February 2010)

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Finnigan Magnus Lowell Spencer Richards was born in Berkeley, California, the son of two scientists Chelsea Cornelia Fitzpatrick Richards and Christopher Richards, a young couple. His mother died when he was two months old. Christopher-unable to bear raising a child alone-left him with his two brothers, Frederick and Randolph. Finn was a prodigy like his father before him and excelled in all skills in science. His uncles turned him into a science whiz. By the time he was seven, he was accepted into MIT where he graduated from summa cum laude.

Relationships Edit

Finn is the son of Chelsea Richards and Christopher Richards, the nephew of Frederick Richards, Randolph Richards, Moses Richards, Bonnie Fitzpatrick, Loretta Fitzpatrick and Bobby Fitzpatrick, the stepson of Clara Richards, the paternal half-brother of Carrie Richards, Ingrid Richards, Rachael Richards, Florence Richards, Alessandra Richards, Candice Richards, Adele Richards, Renee Richards, Lenora Richards, Meadow Richards and Rebecca Richards. He is also the grandson of Carolyn Fitzpatrick, her ex-husband Keith Fitzpatrick, Geoffrey Richards and Helen Richards; great-grandson of Ted Richards; great-great grandson of John Richards II; and the great-great-great grandson of John Richards I.

Chelsea Richards Edit

Chelsea Richards is Finn's late mother. Chelsea died when Finn was two months old so therefore he never got to have a chance to have a relationship with her.

Christopher Richards Edit

Christopher Richards is Finn's long-lost father. Shortly after Finn's mother died, he left a three month old Finn with his two brothers to care for him. Finn has stated that he doesn't want to have a relationship with him. However, Finn later learned the reason why his father never came back was he remarried and started another family. Christopher felt intimidated by Finn's presence.

Carrie Richards Edit

Carrie Richards is Finn's paternal half-sister, the daughter of Christopher and his second wife, Clara. Finn remains hostile to her and ignores her all the time.

Effie Calligaris Edit

Effie Calligaris is Finn's friend and love interest. The two share things in common like nature, books and their love for science. Effie has strong feelings for him and he does to, but is afraid to get caught up in the heat of the moment whenever they are making out.