Geoffrey Richards was the husband of Ellen Richards; the father of Christopher Richards and the grandfather of Finn Richards.

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Geoffrey and his wife Ellen were believed that they couldn't conceive any children but when they found out about Christopher's conception, they were shocked but blessed to have him. They had Christopher when they were about in their late 40s. They later had two sons, twins Frederick and Randolph in their mid-50s. By the time Christopher got married to his first wife, Chelsea, he came down with Alzhemier's. His mental health worsened during the time his daughter-in-law Chelsea was nine months pregnant with her first and only child, Finnigan Magnus Lowell Spencer Richards. A month after Finn was born, he passed away and the next month his daughter-in-law followed. Three months later, Ellen passed away.

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Geoffrey is the husband of Ellen Richards, the son of Evelyn Richards and John Richards II, the grandson of Elizabeth Richards and John Richards I, the father of Christopher Richards, Frederick Richards, and Randolph Richards, the grandfather of Finn Richards, Carrie Richards, Emma Richards, Aubrey Richards, Moses Richards and Matthew Richards.