Guess What's Cookin'? is the ninth episode of season 1 of action dramedy Little Darlings. It aired November 17, 2014.

Guess What's Cookin?
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date November 17, 2014
Written by Meredith Averill, Amy Rardin & Jessica O'Toole
Directed by Gary Fleder
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Synopsis Edit

PASS THE TURKEY PLEASE-All hell breaks loose when Effie goes against Valia's promise not to invite Valia's cranky Turkish mother Nadalia (guest starring Bess Miesler) and Valia's sisters. Meanwhile, Effie has to deal with crossing paths and Sarah uncovers a motive for why her father wants to marry Winnie's mother, Ruth.

Guest Stars Edit

  • Bess Meisler as Nadalia Bahadir Natchios
  • Lanie Kazan as Rita Natchios
  • Andrea Martin as Andrea Natchios (Natchios-Glezos)