Hector Calligaris is a character on Little Darlings. He is the ex-husband of Oia Calligaris and father of Matteo Calligaris. He lives in Madrid, Spain with his partner, Pablo.

Hector Calligaris




Oia Calligaris (ex-wife)
Pablo Del Toro (husband, life partner)


Carmine Calligaris (father)
Cella Calligaris (mother)
Matteo Calligaris (son)
Galen Calligaris (son)
Viviana Calligaris (daughter)
Leo Calligaris (son)
Helio Calligaris (son)
Jason Calligaris (son)
Salvatore Calligaris (son)
Rainbow Hummel (daughter-in-law)
Effie Hummel (granddaughter)
Hominska Calligaris (granddaughter)
Jessica Calligaris (granddaughter)
Nine Unnamed Great-Grandchildren (via Effie)
Unborn Great-Grandson (via Hominska)

Early History Edit

Not much is known about Hector. He was born in 1940 to Italians Cella and Carmine Calligaris and has three sisters. He moved to New Jersey where he met and married a woman named Oia. The couple were married for twelve years where they had a daughter and ten sons together. Eventually, Hector revealed to Oia he was gay and later left his family for a gay Spanish model, Pablo whom he later married.

Relationships Edit

Pablo Del Toro Edit

He met gay Spanish model Pablo Del Toro in the 70s where he later left Oia for and moved to Madrid, Spain. The two appear to be happy.

Oia Calligaris Edit

Married for 12 years, Oia was left by Hector. He later made amends with her, which she accepted and remained friends.