Hominska Harper Calligaris is a character on Little Darlings. She is introduced as the younger sister of Effie Calligaris. She is extroverted and boy-crazy, the complete opposite of her sister.

Hominska Harper Calligaris

Real Name

Hominska Harper Calligaris


Effie Calligaris (sister)
Jo Calligaris (mother)
Matteo Calligaris (father)
Dorrit Calligaris (sister)
Meredith Hummel (maternal grandmother)
Rupert Hummel (maternal grandfather)
Cece Caldwell (maternal step-grandmother)
Alfonso DiLuca (maternal step-grandfather)
Oia Calligaris (paternal grandmother)
Rick Houghton (paternal grandfather)
Rita Houghton (paternal step-grandmother)
Emmanuel De La Vega (paternal step-grandfather)
Theodore Hummel (maternal great-grandfather)
Dorothy Hummel (maternal great-grandmother)
Nadalia Bahadir Natchios (maternal great-grandmother)
Kostas Natchios (maternal great-grandfather)
Hominska Bahadir (maternal great-great grandmother)
Davit Bahadir (maternal great-great grandfather)
Zandra Calligaris (paternal great-grandmother)
Ulysses Calligaris (paternal great-grandfather)
Sophie Kiriakis (paternal great-grandmother)
Eugene Kiriakis (paternal great-grandfather)
Demetrius Kiriakis (paternal great-great-grandfather)
Antonia Kiriakis (paternal great-great-grandmother)
Alexander Kiriakis (paternal great-uncle)
Deimos Spanos (paternal half-great-uncle)
Titus Black (paternal half-great-uncle)
Takis Calligaris (paternal great-uncle)
Alexander Hummel (maternal great-uncle)
Henry Hummel (maternal great-uncle)
Susan Hummel (maternal great-aunt)
Matilda Hummel (maternal great-aunt)
Matilda Rhodes (maternal great-great-grandmother)
Andrea, Teresa, Cookie, Gina, Tina, Dina, Lina, Cassandra, Rita, Penelope, Yolanda, Jimena, Alva (maternal great-aunts)
Catherine Marie Sirtise (maternal first cousin)
Tibby Albright (maternal cousin)
Bradley Albright (maternal cousin)
Noel Albright (maternal cousin)
Bo (once removed paternal cousin)
Isabella (once removed paternal cousin)
Shawn (once removed paternal cousin)
Shawn II (paternal first cousin)
Brady (paternal first cousin)
Zack (paternal first cousin)
Tyler (paternal first cousin)
Chelsea, Ciara, Holly (paternal first cousins)
Claire, Tate, May (twice removed paternal cousins)
Gabriella Sulez (maternal first cousin)
Paris Campanelli (maternal first cousin)
Ashley Calligaris (paternal first cousin)
Rhiannon Calligaris (paternal first cousin)
Lily, Reese and Jake (paternal first cousins)
Sullivan, Darby Calligaris (paternal first cousins)
Casper Houghton (paternal half-cousin) Grace Hummel (maternal aunt)
Monica Hummel (maternal aunt)
Stella Albright (maternal aunt)
Lydia Hatoyama (maternal aunt)
Cherise Hummel (maternal aunt)
Phedra Hummel (maternal aunt)
Isaac Hummel (maternal uncle)
Wyatt Hummel (maternal uncle)
Hudson Hummel (maternal uncle)
Nolan Hummel (maternal uncle)
Axel Hummel (maternal uncle)
Salvatore Calligaris (paternal uncle)
Robert Houghton (paternal half-uncle)
Cole Houghton (paternal half-uncle)
Galen Calligaris (paternal half-uncle)
Viviana Calligaris (paternal half-aunt)
Leo Calligaris (paternal half-uncle)
Helio Calligaris (paternal half-uncle)
Jason Calligaris (paternal half-uncle)
Sergio Calligaris (paternal half-uncle)
Marco Calligaris (paternal half-uncle)
Luigi Calligaris (paternal half-uncle)
Rasmus Calligaris (paternal half-uncle)

Base of Operations

Calligaris Family Residence, Doral Street, Cranbrook, New Jersey, USA


No Dual Identity
Marital Status:
High School


120 lbs

Significant Other(s)

J.J. Barnes (husband)
Jake Davidson (ex-boyfriend)
Grayson Blair (ex-boyfriend)
Del Vonte Thomas (ex-boyfriend)
Daimon Abigor (dated)


Place of Birth:
Cranbrook, New Jersey
First Appearance:
Little Darlings Vol 1 #2 (March, 2010)

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Hominska Harper Calligaris was born in Cranbrook, New Jersey the daughter of Jo (who is of Greek, Armenian, Anglo, Arab and Hispanic) and Matteo (who is of Italian and French), two psychoanalysts, psychologists and professors. She has a two year age gap between her older Effie and has a fourteen year age gap with her younger sister Dorothy "Dorrit". During preschool, she met her friends George "Georgie" Fayne and her cousin, Elizabeth "Bessie" Lee Harper.

Sweet & Vicious Edit

Her older sister Effie Calligaris secretly became the vigilante superheroine Pretty Princess after learning of her destiny.

Sneaky and clever, Hominska was extroverted and always tried to rebel against her parents, mainly her father.

Out of Time Edit

Relationships Edit

Hominska is the daughter of Matteo Calligaris and Jo Calligaris, the younger sister to Effie Calligaris, the older sister to Dorrit Calligaris, the