Jessamyn Johanna "Jessica" Calligaris is a character on Little Darlings. She is the youngest daughter of Matteo and Rainbow and the little sister of Hominska and Effie.

Character Edit

Jessica was born January 18, her sign a Capricorn. She is more like her sister, very quiet but with a loud mind. She enjoys writing in her free time and enjoys attending rock concerts. Her favorite artist is Avril Lavigne because she's awesome. She slightly resembles her mother, having jet black hair but favors her father, sharing his green eyes.

Personality Edit

Nickname: Jessie

Zodiac: Capricorn (birthday January 18th)

Lucky Number: 21

Fav Color: Sky Blue

Fav Movies: Superhero Movies

Fav Books: Adventure Novels

Fav Food: Burger Pizza

Fav Smoothie: Strawberry-Banana

Fav Music: P!nk, Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears

Fav Class: Writing & Music