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Meredith Constanza Consolacion Maria Bianca Hummel (nee` Natchios) is a character on Little Darlings. She is the grandmother of vigilante superheroines Effie Calligaris and Tibby Albright. Born in Trikala, Greece, Meredith is the daughter of Armenian Holocaust survivor Nadalia Natchios and Kostas Natchios, a rich powerful businessman. A Greek heiress, Meredith is also of French, Hispanic and Italian origin. When she met her husband Rupert Hummel, Kostas disapproved of the relationship. But Meredith gave that all up to marry the love of her life. The couple eloped in France and moved to the Americas to start a new life. They eventually had twelve children-seven girls and five boys. It is mentioned by Jo that she would flirt with Mr. Santiago, her 8th grade biology teacher and Darwin, their gardener who taught Jo how to sing. By the time Jo was a teenager, her parents marriage began to fall apart and her mother began sleeping with random men she would meet at poker night; her sisters would help her cheat on her husband.

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Romances Edit

Rupert Hummel (Husband, separated)

She has been married to Rupert for almost five decades and became his widow when he died in old age. It is mentioned by Jo that her parents would ignore her whenever they argued which led Jo to feel like she was invisible and became protective of her heart.

Esteban Segura (Ex-Fiance)

An old fling, Esteban Segura is not only revealed to be the guy Meredith lost her virginity to during her junior prom but the guy she had been having an affair twelve years before Rupert passed away. The two quickly get engage much to Jo's disgust, betrayal and anger. Once the Darlings catch Esteban going to another woman's room-presumably to have sex-they tell Valia. Valia dumps him where Jo successfully kicks him out.

Diego Pachardo (Affair/Ex-Lover)

Recently, Meredith met a man named Diego Pachardo at a local grocery store. The two began an affair until Rupert caught her in bed with him. The two are currently separated. Despite this, Meredith continues to see him.

Family Edit

  • Rupert Hummel (husband, separated)
  • Kostas Natchios (father)
  • Nadalia Natchios (mother)
  • Andrea, Rita, Teresa, Yolanda, Cassandra and Penelope (sisters)
  • Hominska Bahadir (maternal grandmother)
  • Davit Bahadir (maternal grandfather)
  • Five Unnamed Sons
  • Four Unnamed Daughters
  • Stella Albright (daughter)
  • Joanna "Jo" Calligaris (daughter)
  • Lydia Hatoyama (biological daughter)
  • Tom Albright (son-in-law)
  • Matteo Calligaris (son-in-law)
  • Barney Humphrey (son-in-law)
  • Ellie Humphrey (granddaughter)
  • Lisa Humphrey (granddaughter)
  • Matthew Humphrey (grandson)
  • Effie Calligaris (granddaughter)
  • Tibby Albright (granddaughter)
  • Hominska Calligaris (granddaughter)
  • Dorrit Calligaris (granddaughter)
  • Noel Albright (grandson)
  • Bradley Albright (grandson)
  • Nanea Akina (granddaughter-in-law, via Noel)
  • Theodore Hummel (father-in-law)
  • Dorothy Hummel (mother-in-law)
  • Alexander Hummel (brother-in-law)
  • Henry Hummel (brother-in-law)
  • Susan Hummel (sister-in-law)