Moon Dorothy Hummel-Humphrey

Date of Birth

December 22, 1974

Powers & Abilities

Superhuman Hearing
Precognitive Dreaming
Illusion Manipulation
Force Field


Stay-At-Home Mother
Intern at Joint Counter Task Force
Apothacary Owner


Mary Alice Garfinkel (daughter)
Angie Garfinkel (daughter)
Lanie Garfinkel (son)
Lisa Humphrey (daughter, with Barney)
Ellie Humphrey (daughter, with Barney)
Matthew Humphrey (son, with Barney)
Valia Natchios-Hummel (mother)
Rupert Hummel (father)
Rainbow Hummel (sister)
Saffron Hummel (sister)
Bluebell Hummel (sister)
Summer Hummel (sister)
Autumn Hummel (sister)
Sonnet Hummel (sister)
Riker Hummel (brother)
Dharma Hummel (brother)
Phoenix Hummel (brother)
Nirvana Hummel (brother)
Ocean Hummel (brother)
Nadalia Bahadir Natchios (maternal grandmother)
Kostas Natchios (maternal grandfather)
Theodore Hummel (paternal grandfather)
Dorothy Hummel (paternal grandmother)
Hominska Bahadir (maternal great-grandmother)
Davit Bahadir (maternal great-grandfather)
Penelope Natchios (maternal aunt)
Yolanda Natchios (maternal aunt)
Teresa Natchios (maternal aunt)
Cassandra Natchios (maternal aunt)
Andrea Natchios (maternal aunt)
Rita Natchios (maternal aunt)
Henry Hummel (paternal uncle)
Alexander Hummel (paternal uncle)
Unnamed Paternal Uncles (via Rupert)
Elizabeth Hummel (paternal aunt)
Eleanor Humphrey (paternal aunt)
Susan Humphrey (paternal aunt)
Georgia Hummel (paternal aunt)
Matilda Hummel (paternal aunt)
Effie Hummel (niece, via Rainbow)
Hominska Calligaris (niece, via Rainbow)
Zoe Zimmerman Hummel (niece, via Sonnet)
Matteo Mariano (future great-nephew, via Effie)
Freddie Hummel Ogden (great-nephew, via Zoe)
Wilbur Hummel Ogden (great-nephew, via Zoe)
Benjy Hummel (nephew, via Dharma and Megan)
Emma Hummel (niece, via Dharma and Cassie)


Barney Humphrey (husband)
Nathan Garfinkel (ex-husband)
Elizabeth Humphrey (mother-in-law)
Oliver Humphrey (father-in-law)
Jack Humphrey (brother-in-law)
Andrea Garfinkel (ex-mother-in-law)
James Garfinkel (ex-father-in-law)
Zeke Mariano (future nephew-in-law, via Effie)
Carlton St. James (nephew-in-law, via Hominska)
Steve Ogden (nephew-in-law, via Zoe) Aimee Hummel (aunt, by marriage, via Alexander)
Rhonda Hummel (aunt, by marriage, via Henry)
Joe Campanelli (cousin-in-law, via Voula)
Megan Willick (ex-sister-in-law, via Dharma)
Cassie Morgan-Hummel (sister-in-law, via Dharma)

Portrayed By

Madchen Amick

First Appearance

The Blueprint (episode) (1.01)

Moon Hummel is a major character on Little Darlings. She is the daughter of Valia Natchios-Hummel and Rupert Hummel. A former teen runaway, Moon reappears after living in California for almost 22 years. After filing for a divorce from a estranged husband Nathan Garfinkel and gaining full custody of her three daughters Mary Alice and Angie and Lanie, she stays with her parents hoping not only to rebuild her life again but to rebuild a new healthy relationship with them again. She eventually gets a job and starts working for a man named Barney Humphrey whom she becomes romantically involved with. A couple of months into their relationship, Moon finds out she's pregnant with Barney's baby and gives birth to his daughter, whom they named Lisa. The two become engaged, but cancel it due to wedding planning stress. They eventually get married after Rainbow and Matteo trick them after Moon becomes pregnant with their second child whom she gives birth to-Ellie. At some point, when Barney and Moon separate (as stress and their jobs were affecting their marriage), the two reunite when Moon reveals she's pregnant and gives birth to his son, Matthew.

Personality Edit

Moon is described as an irresponsible, eccentric, sardonic and sultry woman. She's also a rather devil may care person as she possesses a stoic personality, enduring the abuse of her estranged husband whom she has been on the run since her daughter Angie was two. She is also shown to be a more emotional woman, having been sad when she ran away from her family at age 14. She is also bad-tempered, which is the source of her powers being out of control. Though, shortly after her marriage to Barney Humphrey, she became more charge-taking and mature.

Early Life Edit

Moon was born to Valia Natchios-Hummel and Rupert Hummel on December 22, 1974.