"Honey, I've been married fourteen times! -Oia in Oh Hell No!

Oia Marie Calligaris is a character on Little Darlings. She is the paternal grandmother of Effie Hummel and is the co-owner of Dancing Zorba's Cafe in downtown New Jersey. Her son, daughter-in-law and Effie help out at the restaurant. She is very pushy and tends to be sour on Effie's parents' marriage.

Oia Calligaris

Biographical Information

Real Name:
Oia Marie Calligaris
Current Alias:
Oia Calligaris
Ms. C, Mrs. O
Zandra Calligaris (mother)
Ulysses Calligaris (father)


No Dual Identity
Marital Status: Married
Acting Coach
Broadway Actress
Model (former)


Grey (formerly black)


Place of Birth:
Versailles, Indiana
First Appearance:
Sweet & Vicious Vol #1 #1 (February, 2010)

Background Edit

Oia was born Oia Marie Savalas on August 6, 1937 in Athens, Greece to a rich and powerful business couple, Zandra and Ulysses Savalas. Three years later, she was joined by her brother Takis. At some point, Oia moved to the United States where she met her first husband Hector Calligaris while auditioning for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The two madly fell in love and between the years of 1965 and 1977, the couple had eleven children: one girl and ten boys. After her husband left her for another man, a gay Spanish model named Pablo whom he met in Puerto Rico, she went on to have three failed marriages. She moves in with her son Matteo after her third and last husband dumped her and took all of her riches, leaving her broke. She is also shown to have a very healthy social life.

Relationships Edit

Romances Edit

  • Hector Calligaris/Rick Houghton (one-night stand/father of Matteo and Salvatore)
  • Nolan Houma (ex-boyfriend, father of Sergio, Luigi and Marco)
  • Andrew Miller (ex-husband, father of Galen)
  • Nine Unnamed Ex-Husbands
  • Asher Ferguson (ex-husband, father of Leo, Helio and Jason)
  • Ramon Carrejo (ex-husband, father of Rasmus)
  • David Draycott (ex-husband, father of Viviana)

Family Edit

  • Andrew Miller (ex-husband)
  • Nine Unnamed Ex-Husbands
  • Asher Ferguson (ex-husband)
  • David Draycott (ex-husband)
  • Ramon Carrejo (ex-husband)
  • Emmanuel De La Vega (husband)
  • Zandra Calligaris (mother)
  • Ulysses Calligaris (father)
  • Takis Calligaris (younger brother)
  • Viviana Calligaris (daughter)
  • Matteo Calligaris (son)
  • Salvatore Calligaris (son)
  • Galen Calligaris (son)
  • Leo Calligaris (son)
  • Helio Calligaris (son)
  • Jason Calligaris (son)
  • Sergio Calligaris (son)
  • Marco Calligaris (son)
  • Luigi Calligaris (son)
  • Rasmus Calligaris (son)
  • Gina Griffiths Calligaris (ex-daughter-in-law, via Salvatore)
  • Piper Ross (ex-daughter-in-law, via Galen)
  • Grace Hummel (daughter-in-law, via Galen)
  • Jo Calligaris (daughter-in-law, via Matteo)
  • Effie Calligaris (granddaughter, via Matteo)
  • Hominska Calligaris (granddaughter, via Matteo)
  • Dante Calligaris (grandson, via Matteo)
  • Ashley Calligaris (granddaughter, via Galen)