Paloma Jalali Edit

Paloma Hope Cherise Chantal Charlotte Rose Jalali is a fictional character appearing on the American comedy, Little Darlings (2010-2020) portrayed by Shelley Hennig. She is known for being a Muslim freedom fighter and LGBT rights activist, being an aspiring poet and rapper. Edit

Biography Edit

Early Life and Childhood

Paloma Hope Cherise Chantal Charlotte Rose Jalali was born on August 16, 1994 in Sailsbury, Maryland to an Muslim American Amir Jalali of Indian, Japanese and Iranian descent and to a woman named Sheena McCullough who is of Scottish and Irish descent. She is six minutes older than her twin brother, Amadeus Jalali. Shortly after birth, her parents gave her up at a young age where she and her brother were adopted by a wealthy "old money" family, Beryl Ann and Ed Gates. There, she was raised alongside their six other children, two being named Hilary and Tanya Gates.