Piper Ross

Biographical Information

Real Name:
Piper Ross
Current Alias:
Piper Ross-Specter
Piper Calligaris (first married name)
Galen Calligaris (ex-husband)
Nathan Specter (husband)
Max Ross Specter (son)
Ashley Calligaris (daughter)
Jenny Calligaris (daughter)
Rhiannon Calligaris (daughter)

History Edit

Background Edit

Piper Ann Specter (nee` Ross; formerly Calligaris) is the first ex-wife of Galen Calligaris and the mother of their three children: Ashley, Jenny and Rhiannon. Galen has custody of their three daughters. It is mentioned she had an affair with her now husband Nathan Specter (Galen's many friends) and the two moved to Malibu where the couple had a son, Max Ross Specter. She is impulsive, airheaded and an oversexed actress. She is very similar like her former mother-in-law Oia as they two share their favorite sex-adventures with.

Coming to Cranbrook Edit

Piper travels to Cranbrook, New Jersey to visit Ashley's debate speech. There, she brings her new husband and mentions her newborn son, Max.