Rita Mastrano Houghton (born Amanda Kowalski) is the wife of CIA agent Rick Houghton. She is retired contract killer and former agent of Interpol.

Rita Houghton

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Letty Kowalski (sister)
Unnamed Mother
Rick Houghton (husband)
Sophie Kiriakis (mother-in-law)
Eugene Kiriakis (father-in-law)
Robert Houghton (son)
Cole Houghton (son)
Matteo Calligaris (step-son)
Salvatore Calligaris (step-son)
Casper Houghton (grandson, via Robert)
Jo Calligaris (step-daughter-in-law, via Matteo)
Effie Calligaris (step-granddaughter)
Hominska Calligaris (step-granddaughter)
Dorrit Calligaris (step-granddaughter)
Gina Griffiths (ex-daughter-in-law)

History Edit

Born Amanda Kowalski of Polish descent, Rita joined Interpol at age 25 where she met and fell in love with another agent "Rick Houghton." The couple had two sons. Rita did reveal that she knew about Oia and the twins she had with Rick.