Rita Natchios (known as Natchios-Sisini) is one of the two younger sisters of Valia Natchios-Hummel. She is married to Gus Sisini and they have three children: son Nick and daughters Athena and Voula.

Rita Natchios




Gus Sisini


Nadalia Bahadir Natchios
Kostas Natchios
Valia Natchios-Hummel
Bemus Natchios
Yolanda Natchios
Andrea Natchios
Penelope Natchios
Cassandra Natchios
Teresa Natchios
Hominska Bahadir (maternal grandmother)
Davit Bahadir
(maternal grandfather)
Yurgos Natchios
(paternal grandfather)
Athena Sisini
Voula Sisini
Nick Sisini
Moon Hummel
Riker Hummel
Rainbow Hummel
Ocean Hummel
Nirvana Hummel
Dharma Hummel
Phoenix Hummel
Saffron Hummel (niece)
Bluebell Hummel
Summer Hummel
Autumn Hummel
Sonnet Hummel
Effie Hummel
(great-niece, via Rainbow)
Hominska Bellucci
(great-niece, via Rainbow)
Zoe Zimmerman Hummel
(great-niece, via Sonnet)
Mary Alice Garfinkel
(great-niece, via Moon)
Angie Garfinkel
(great-niece, via Moon)
Lisa Humphrey
(great-niece, via Moon)
Ellie Humphrey
(great-niece, via Moon)
Matthew Humphrey
(great-nephew, via Moon)
Catherine Marie Sirtise
(great-niece, via Andrea)
Freddie Hummel Ogden
(great-great-nephew, via Zoe)
Wilbur Hummel Ogden
(great-great-nephew, via Zoe)
Matteo Castellano Mariano Hummel
(great-great-nephew, via Effie)
Hope Mariano Hummel
(great-great-niece, via Effie)
Paris Campanelli
(granddaughter, via Voula)
Gus Sisini
Rupert Hummel
Oscar Glezos
Nathan Garfinkel
Barney Humphrey
Zeke Mariano
Cassie Morgan-Hummel
(niece-in-law, via Ocean)
Alyssa Hummel
(niece-in-law, via Nirvana)
Olive Hummel
(niece-in-law, via Riker)
Edmondo Bellucci
(nephew-in-law, via Rainbow)
Ian Campanelli
(son-in-law, via Voula)



Marital Status


Portrayed By

Lanie Kazan

First Appearance

A Pure Heroine (1.09)

Lastest Appearance

My Mother, Myself (2.23)

Number of Episodes

Season 1 (8/24)
Season 2 (1/24)
9 (Episodes Overall)

Rita Natchios (Natchios-Sisini) is the younger sister of Valia Natchios-Hummel. She appeared in nine episodes overall, making her first appearance in "A Pure Heroine."

Arc Edit

A Pure Heroine

Rita meets her estranged sister in years, her brother-in-law, her twelve nieces and nephews and her extended relatives. She introduces her husband Gus, three children and granddaughter, Paris. Rita shows up for Thanksgiving at Valia's house despite Valia's protests. During the dinner, Rita, along with the sisters, criticize her cooking and still make comments about Rupert. Summer, angered by this, stands up to Rita and the other sisters. Valia then kicks them out of her home.

No Doubt

Relationships Edit

Valia Natchios-Hummel

When introduced, it is implied that she doesn't get along with Valia as she along with the other Natchios sisters didn't approve of Rupert as their brother-in-law.