Rupert James Hummel is a recurring character on Little Darlings. Introduced into the series as an eccentric British born American, he is the maternal grandfather of Effie Hummel. He has been married to Valia for almost 52 years, having got married in 1962. He passes away in season four after suffering from a heart attack in bed while making love to Valia in their old age.
Rupert James Hummel

Date of Birth

June 4, 1937

Date of Death

2016 (age 79)


Lawyer (retired)


Theodore Hummel (father)
Dorothy Hummel (mother)
Alexander Hummel (brother)
Henry Hummel (brother)
Unnamed Brothers
Susan Hummel (sister)
Matilda Hummel (sister)
Georgia Hummel (sister)
Rainbow Hummel (daughter)
Riker Hummel (son)
Moon Hummel (daughter),br>


Valia Natchios-Hummel (widow)
Nadalia Bahadir Natchios (mother-in-law)
Kostas Natchios (father-in-law)
Rita Natchios (sister-in-law)
Andrea Natchios (sister-in-law)

Early Life Edit

Rupert was born in January 1937 in Liverpool, England to rich but racist and ruthless parents, Dorothy and Theodore Hummel. He grew up with a bunch of siblings, mentioning his sweet-natured lesbian sister Susan, homosexual brother Henry and vain/spoiled brother Alexander who later married with four children.

Romances Edit

Valia Natchios-Hummel

Rupert met Valia in the summer of 1962 in Greece. During that time, Rupert was studying history at Oxford and was arranged to be married to Meredith Holland, his fellow Oxford classmate. Valia, herself, was arranged to be married to a Greek rich man named Eugene Kiriakis whom her father heavily approved of. However, once they met at a party held for Bemus, the two broke off with their partners to marry each other. He proposed to her just four hours after meeting her. Due to their families opposing the marriage, the couple eloped to France and moved to the U.S. in 1964. They later had 12 children-five boys and seven girls. Happily married for over 52 years, Valia became his widow when Rupert died of a heart attack while making love to Valia in their old age. This scared her dearly as Valia feared of having sexual intimacy with anyone though she did have two boyfriends.