Sonnet Albright (nee` Hummel) is the mother of Saige Albright and four other daughters (Cordelia, Emma, Adrienne and Mona) with her loving husband, Tom Albright. She works as an English professor at Princeton University.

Profile Edit

Sonnet was born April 24th, 1967 in Miami, Florida to Valia Natchios-Hummel and Rupert Hummel and is one of their twelve children. Like her other siblings, she was raised in a somewhat religious, but hippie lifestyle and had a happy upbringing. At some point in her life, she married a man (demon in disgiuse) named Tom Albright (who came from a demonic family) and they had five daughters between the years of 1989 and 1994. Sonnet, like her younger sister Rainbow, is open-minded.

Sonnet Victoria Hummel-Albright




English Professor at Princeton University


Tom Albright (husband)


Saige Albright (daughter)
Cordelia Albright (daughter)
Mona Albright (daughter)
Emma Albright (daughter)
Adrienne Albright (daughter)
Freddie Hummel Ogden (grandson)
Wilbur Hummel Ogden (grandson)
Yasmin Hummel Ogden (granddaughter)
Valia Natchios-Hummel (mother)
[{Rupert Hummel]] (father)


Francine Albright (mother-in-law)
Christopher Albright (father-in-law)
Steve Ogden (future son-in-law)

Powers & Abilties

Superhuman Strength