The Blueprint is the first episode of Season 1 of Little Darlings. It was written by RoryMariano123 and directed by RoryMariano123. It premiered on September 20, 2010.

Synopsis Edit

This chronicles the beginnings of six girls who moonlight as vigilantes taking down assassins and mafias while trying to maintain a normal life. They later learns it isn't fun saving the world nor easy.

Meanwhile, Valia is having trouble with the girls. Paloma is struggling to be free of gang life and is trying to find her long-lost twin brother, Amadeus. Willow is having trouble trying to figure out why Becca is acting so weird and later learns that Becca doesn't understand English and is an immigrant. Willow helps Becca with English and the two develop a friendship. Effie, at first, dislikes Valia due to her bitterness but once Valia tells Effie that she faced the hardships just like Effie, she begins to like her and most importantly, trust her. Zoe grows angry at her mother due to her mother working on husband No. 7. Sarah actually reaches her breaking point and takes a bus to Valia's home.

A new girl, Effie Hummel, arrives in Jersey City, New Jersey and learns that a mysterious elderly lady and her husband are tracking her down. Meanwhile, she introduces herself to Kanani McCullough, Willow Forbes, Rebecca "Becca" Shereshevsky, Sarah Fabray and Zoe Zimmerman. They themselves learns something is wrong with them. Kanani is a sardonic, yet street-smart rebel; Willow is a hippie who has a good spirit that involves helping people; Becca is acting weird; Zoe is a self-proclaimed diva; and Sarah is a wealthy preppy jock girl. Meanwhile, Effie is shown to be shy making public speeches which caused her to throw up on her first day of school in front of two popular jocks, Ralph Castellano and Zeke Mariano who take an immediate interest in her. Becca is having trouble getting along with her peers, but is shown to have an affinity in science. Willow tries to be friends with Becca but she ignores her. Sarah's good in her sports, but is shown to struggle with her schoolwork, especially mathematics. Zoe wants to live in the spotlight even if her mother, a former child actress, doesn't want her to. However, a lady (who appeared earlier in the episode) invites them over for tea and cookies where she reveals to Effie that she's her maternal grandmother and introduces Rupert Hummel as her husband and Effie's maternal grandfather. The girls learns more about themselves. Kanani mentions that she is of multiracial heritage: her birth mother is of Japanese, Hawaiian, French and Mexican ancestry while her birth father is of German and Irish-Scots ancestry. She aspires to be a musician and spends her time painting and writing poetry.

In the end,