Valia Natchios-Hummel is a character on Little Darlings. She is the wife/widow of Rupert Hummel and the maternal grandmother of Effie. She is known for being a sidekick to her in times of need and provides advice to her. Valia is a former Kunoichi based off of Greek descent. She is portrayed by actress Maria Konstadarou.

Early Life Edit

Valia Georgette Natchios was born on April 2, 1937 in Fira, a small village located on the Greek island, Santorini. Her father was Kostas Natchios, a Greek diplomat and businessman and to Nadalia Bahadir Natchios, a Armenian Holocaust survivor who was promiscuous as ever. Her parents raised them in the royal life, owning a mansion on the island and making sure they had the best tutors. She was even taught French and Japanese. She grew up alongside her seven sisters: Teresa, Yolanda, Penelope, Rita, Andrea and Cassandra. During her childhood, Valia was obvious to the fact that her sisters (except Yolanda) were jealous of her beauty and how their father always favored her. By the time Valia was twelve, after being attacked by a ninja, she learned from a blind man that she was a Kunoichi-female ninja assassin as well as her sisters. During her teenage years, she worked her hardest, making history slaying demons and other evil supernatural enitities. As a Kunoichi, she possessed the powers of Teleportation, Invisibility and a Healing Factor. She became more of best friends with her sister Yolanda. During a mission to Africa, the two encountered a monster trying to attack the fictional African nation of Imaya; once defeated, the Imayans wanted Yolanda to become their queen and so she did, leaving her past behind. The two did not have contact for almost six decades. She also had many high-class friends whom she enjoyed being around.

Valia Georgette Natchios-Hummel





Powers & Abilities

Healing Factor
Superhuman Attributes
Marital Arts Combat
Mind Control


Rupert Hummel
(late husband)
Esteban Segura


Gift Shop Worker


Kostas Natchios
(father, deceased)
Nadalia Bahadir Natchios
Andrea Natchios(sister)
Rita Natchios
Yolanda Natchios
Cassandra Natchios
Teresa Natchios
Penelope Natchios
Riker Hummel
Dharma Hummel
Phoenix Hummel
Nirvana Hummel
Ocean Hummel
Saffron Hummel
Bluebell Hummel
Rainbow Hummel
Summer Hummel
Autumn Hummel
Moon Hummel
(daughter) Sonnet Hummel
Effie Hummel
(granddaughter, via Rainbow)
Zoe Zimmerman Hummel
(granddaughter, via Sonnet)
Mary Alice Garfinkel
Angie Garfinkel
Lisa Humphrey
Ellie Humphrey
Matthew Humphrey
Hominska Bellucci
(granddaughter, via Rainbow)
Edmundo Bellucci Jr.
(grandson, via Rainbow)
Ricco Bellucci
(grandson, via Rainbow)
Matteo Mariano Hummel
(future great-grandson, via Effie)
Freddie Hummel Ogden
(future great-grandson, via Zoe)
Wilbur Hummel Ogden
(future great-grandson)
Catherine Marie Sirtise
Athena Sisini
Voula Sisini
Nick Sisini
Paris Campanelli
Hominska Bahadir
(maternal grandmother)
Davit Bahadir
(maternal grandfather)
Raven Campanelli (great-niece)
Bianca Glezos
Milo Glezos
Luther Frangos


Rupert Hummel
(late husband)
Theodore Hummel
Dorothy Hummel
Henry Hummel
Alexander Hummel
Unnamed Brother-In-Laws
(via Rupert)
Three Unnamed Brother-In-Laws
(via her sisters)
Susan Hummel
Eleanor Hummel
Matilda Hummel (sister-in-law)
Georgia Hummel
Nathan Garfinkel
Barney Humphrey
Zeke Mariano
(future grandson-in-law)
Meagan Willick
(ex-daughter-in-law, via Phoenix)
Cassie Morgan-Hummel (daughter-in-law, via Phoenix)
Olive Hummel
(daughter-in-law, via Riker)
Edmundo Bellucci
(son-in-law, via Rainbow)
Matteo Calligaris
(estranged son-in-law, via Rainbow, deceased)
Alyssa Hummel
(daughter-in-law, via Nirvana)
Lenny Hummel
(nephew, via Alexander)
Joe Hummel
(nephew, via Alexander)
Dan Hummel
(nephew, via Alexander)
Elaine Hummel
(niece, via Alexander)
Troy Hummel
(nephew, via Henry)
(niece, via Matilda)

Meeting Rupert Hummel Edit

During the summer of 1960, Valia met and fell in love with British-born college student Rupert Hummel whom he was studying law at Oxford University. Rupert-a college student was summering with his two brothers, Henry and Alexander and was engaged to a socialite, Meredith Holland. During that Valia was attending Oxford as well and was in a courtship with Eugene Kiriakis. Within six hours of falling in love with each other, Rupert proposed to Valia and she accepted. However, during a dinner, Eugene asked for Valia's hand in marriage which her father happily approved of. However, Valia fought against the marriage. When Rupert spoke with Kostas, he kicked him and Valia out of the house. However, Valia decided to leave on her own and Rupert's parents, Dorothy and Theodore, threatened to disinherit him but he gave up his riches to be with Valia. Several months later, the couple got married where they moved to the U.S. for a new living of their own and to start a family. It is mentioned that at some point Rupert got a degree in law.

New Family Edit

Shortly after marriage, the couple planned their family. Despite this, Valia decided to keep her supernatural life a secret. On October 25, 1965, Valia gave birth to their first two children and first set of fraternal twins, Riker and Saffron. The four lived happily and soon Valia became pregnant again. On September 28, 1966, she gave birth to a son named Ocean. A year later, on November 29, 1967, her daughter Sonnet. On March 26, 1969, she gave birth to her second set of twins, Dharma and Autumn.

Relationships Edit

Rupert Hummel

Rupert and Valia met in June 1960 in Greece while Rupert was visiting with his two brothers. Valia broke off her courtship with Eugene Kiriakis and Rupert dumped his then-fiancee` Meredith Holland to be with each other. However, Valia's father disapproved of the couple's union and both families (Rupert and Valia's) disowned them. The two left for America to start a new life together and shortly they settled down, having their first set of twins-Saffron and Riker.

Rainbow Hummel

In May 1968, Valia gave birth to a daughter whom she named Rainbow.