Winnie Miriam Sarfati




High School Student (former)
Student at Fashion Institute of Technology
Astrophysics Ph. D. graduate from MIT

Powers & Abilities

No information


Ruth Sarfati Fabray (mother)
Samson Sarfati (father, deceased)
Sophie and Sadie Sarfati (twin sisters)
Victor Sarfati (brother)
Benjamin Sarfati (brother)
Lydia Udaku (future daughter)
Daniel Udaku (future son)
18 Unnamed Children (future children)


Mosi Udaku (husband)

Winnie Miriam Sarfati is a major character on Little Darlings and one of the six central leads.

Daughter to a Sephardic Jewish man Samson Sarfati and to a Russian Jewish woman, Ruth Sarfati Fabray, she is portrayed as a "faithful daughter." She is friends with Zoe, Effie, Sarah (stepsister), Willow and Paloma. Although, Willow is her best friend as the two share nerdy interests and love anything sci-fiction. She also represents European immigration as her widowed mother moved here for a better life.

Profile Edit

Winnie is nicknamed "Winnie the Pooh" by her newfound American friends. Her mother and maternal relatives immigrated from Europe prior to the series. Winnie's father died when she was eight years old leaving her older brother Victor to be the man in the family. She has two older twin sisters and a younger brother named Benjamin nicknamed "Benny." She's described as inspiring, courageous, charismatic and highly intelligent. She struggles to fit in American culture and her own culture. She wants to be conservative like her mother and make her proud. She is very good in math and science and has a really good fashion sense. She is a huge Star Wars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and enjoys collecting comic books.

Relationships Edit

  • Ruth Sarfati Fabray: Winnie's Russian Jewish mother.
  • Samson Sarfati: Winnie's Sephardic Jewish father.
  • Victor Sarfati: Winnie's older and overprotective brother.
  • Sophie and Sadie Sarfati: Winnie's older twin sisters.
  • Benjamin "Benny" Sarfati: Winnie's little brother.
  • Grandpa Shreveshevsky: Winnie's maternal grandfather.
  • Grandma Shreveshevsky: Winnie's maternal grandmother.
  • Fanya Shreveshevsky: Winnie's maternal aunt.
  • Brick Fabray: Winnie's stepfather.
  • Sarah Fabray: Winnie's stepsister.