{{Infobox|Box title = Ezekiel Nathaniel Mariano|Row 1 title = Status|Row 1 info = Alive|Row 2 title = Gender|Row 2 info = Male|Row 3 title = Occupation|Row 3 info = Leader of the Chaste
History Teacher
Evening Janitor
High School Student
Spanish Substitute Teacher
(formerly)|Row 4 title = Aliases|Row 4 info = Zeke Mariano
Gordon Wexler
(undercover alias)
|Row 5 title = Nicknames|Row 5 info = Zeke The Divorce Force
Big Z
Big Bro
Large Appendage
Dali Lama of the Supernatural
|Row 6 title = |Row 6 info = |Row 7 title = Relatives|Row 7 info = Biological:
Mr. Mariano
Rosie Mariano
Herbert Mariano
(paternal grandfather)
Althea "Nana" Mariano
(paternal grandmother)
Ophelia Hobbes
(maternal grandmother)
Seven Unnamed Siblings
Effie Hummel
(possible future wife)
Rainbow Hummel
(possible future mother-in-law)
Matteo Calligaris
(possible future father-in-law)
Edmundo Bellucci
(possible future stepfather-in-law)
Hominska Bellucci
(possible future half-sister-in-law)
[[Edmundo Bellucci Jr.]]<br>(possible future half-brother-in-law)<br>Ricco Bellucci<br>(possible future half-brother-in-law)<br>[[Valia Natchios-Hummel]]<br>(possible future grandmother-in-law)<br>[[Rupert Hummel]]<br>(possible future grandfather-in-law)<br>}}